The Senate has called on the End SARS protesters to stop any form of street protest in order to give Government opportunity to carry out their demands as further disturbances might jeopardies the good intentions of government.

The motion of urgent public importance move by Senator Biodun Olujimi and supported by all Senators called on President Muhammadu Buhari to address the Nation on the ongoing protest and for the Federal government to carry out the demands of the protesters while the inspector general of Police should carry out a holistic reform of the Nigerian Police.
Senators called all tiers of government to put in place structures that will empower Nigerian youths, they canvassed for the establishment of commission of inquiry into all the extra judicial killings by the anti robbery squad and ensure that all those accused are meant to face the law.

The legislators called on the National boundary commission to move in and intervene in the Ebonyi and Cross River states boundary dispute by delineating the disputed boundary which has led to the death of some persons as they urged the National emergency Management Agency to provide relief materials to the troubled communities in the two states.
Meanwhile senate observed a minute silence in honor of late literary icon John Pepper Clerk who died on the 13th of October 2020.

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