The Senate is considering a bill that seeks to amend the Nigerian Labour Act of 2004 which seeks upwards review of fines in the Act.

The bill sponsored by Senator Francis Onyewuchi observed that the Labour fines as contained in the current Act are obsolete and can not presently stand as deterant for employers of Labour.

The bill which has passed second reading seeks to check unlawful termination of contract by increasing the fine from Eight hundred Naira for first offence to Five Hundred Thousand Naira and from One Thousand Five Hundred Naira to One Million Naira for second offence.

It also proposes an increase on the fines against Forced Labour, inducement of an employee and the denial of maternity protection by an employer.

The federal University of medical and Health sciences Iyin, Ekiti state establishment bill sponsored by Senator Opeyemi Bamidele also passed second reading.

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