In recent times, the rate at which molestation of children and teenagers by adult and those they are entrusted with is becoming alarming. Reports shows that sexual molestation and assault increased more during the lockdown period imposed by Government to curb the spread of Covid -19.

In the same vain, the lockdown has necessitated the close down of schools for over 5months now. This poses an opportunity for alot of children to diversify and achieve alot of other oppotunities during the lockdown period.

NTA2 is organizing a virtual children Paper presentation for children between ages 8-11years on; Global perspective on:

Covid-19: Opportunities and Achievements for Children during the Pandemic. While children between ages 12-15years will focus on: Child Molestation- A rising issue during the pandemic.

This virtual paper presentation will help the consciousness into their psyche and make them more aware of this unbecoming trend.

Entries close on Friday 27 August 2020.

The Event and final paper presentation will be held live via Zoom on Tuesday 8th September 2020.

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  1. Hi i am Christian Udochukwu
    I am 12 years old the website is telling me to upload a paper
    which paper should i upload? is it the essay or paper about myself \thank you.

  2. Hi I am Christian Udochukwu
    on the web where i was registering it asked to upload a paper
    which paper should i upload:is it the essay paper or my personal information
    Thank you

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