The National President of the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Professor Innocent Ujah says the issue of quackery is hampering survival rate of patients with oral diseases, leading to increased morbidity and mortality.

Prof Ujah made this observation at the 2021 World Oral Health Day celebration in Owo, Ondo State.

Represented by Dr, Wale Oke, Chairman of NMA Committee on Dental Health, Prof Ujah called on the Federal Government to establish a National Centre for the prevention and control of Oral Cancers, to cater for those suffering from oral diseases.

He said, “issue of quackery must also be looked into by our regulatory bodies and the government.

“This is greatly hampering the survival rate of patients with oral diseases who might have hitherto visit these quacks, thereby leading to increased morbidity and mortality.

“The law must be strict and adequately applied to deter this obnoxious practice”

He stressed the need for the people to join hands to improve awareness campaign, recognition, support prevention and treatment of oral diseases.

He noted that governments, health associations and the general public can work together to achieve healthier mouths and happier lives.craniofacial complex.

Prof Ujah also wants para-dental staff need to be empowered to do simple procedures such as fluoride therapy and general counseling but this must be strictly regulated by law and closely monitored to avoid them crossing the red lines.

He saluted the courage and patriotism of all uphealthcare practitioners specifically the oral health practitioners at this period of covid-19 pandemic.

He said “We all know that the oral health practitioners work within and around the mouth which is one of the main routes of the Covid-19 and other infections.

“As a professional Association, we are committed to the general well-being of all Nigerians but this is achievable only in an atmosphere of peace and security.

“Therefore, governments need to step up the security architecture to pave way for free and easy movements of healthcare personnel and other Nigerians into the communities.

“Prevention they say; is better and cheaper than cure and in order to bring this to fruition, we must make sure that provision of good drinking water is paramount.

Fluoridation of readily available water supply is one of the keyways to prevent oral diseases. This cannot be achieved where potable drinking water is hard to come by.

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