Vice president Yemi Osinbajo received a United Kingdom delegation on trade which is in the country to discuss Brexit among other issues.

The discussions around improving relations between Nigeria and the united kingdom  across different sectors especially in the post Brexit era as the vice president noted will make a difference for both countries.

As the vice president observed, the covid-19 pandemic era offers opportunity for  Nigeria and the UK to adopt innovative ways of addressing challenges facing both countries, noting that education, capacity building in the judiciary sector, among others are important areas of interest to Nigeria.

Leader of the prime minister’s trade envoy to Nigeria, MS Helen grant said the visit to Nigeria was a deliberate effort by the united kingdom government to deepen conversations with friendly countries across different sectors, ahead of Brexit.

She said aside trade , both countries can work harder to strengthen ties in agriculture , health , technology , judiciary and other sectors , expressing her country’s interest in ensuring that Nigeria records improvements.

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