The Nigerian Communications Commission’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT) has advised users to adopt two-factor authentication to protect their Telegram accounts and not to download unknown Advanced IP Scanner Software.
 This is as Ukrainian cyber experts discover an attack which uses Vidar Malware to steal Telegram session data, and in the absence of configured two-factor authentication and a passcode, allows unauthorized access to the user’s telegram account and corporate account or network.
The malware targets platforms across iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows Operating Systems.
The Report alleges that a Somnia Ransomware was created to be used on Telegram that tricks users to download an installer that mimics ‘Advanced IP Scanner’ software, which contains Vidar Malware. The installer infects the system with the Vidar stealer, which steals the victim’s Telegram session data to take control of their account. 
The threat actors then abuse the victim’s Telegram account in some unspecified manner to steal Virtual Private Network-VPN connection data If the VPN account is not protected by two-factor authentication passcode, the hackers use it to gain unauthorized access to the victim’s employer’s corporate network.

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