Call it mass communication, public relations, journalism or any other name, the mass media is indeed a noble profession respected by man and law.

However, some observers say the fourth estate of the realm has been devalued for one reason or the other.

This special report takes a look at the erosion of journalism ethics that people say is fueling violence in Nigeria.

Journalism like other professions the world over has identity carved for itself which people depend on as a thing of pride,
It has a lot to offer in the reformation of the society; unfortunately in Nigeria, the noble profession has become an all comers affair especially with the advent of the social media which is known as the new media.

Investigations show that the code of practice like honesty, fairness, and accuracy which was created by the society of professional journalists to help practitioners become courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information is no longer taken into consideration due to quackry and personal or political interest.

With recent experiences in Nigeria, there is what could be described as war drumming by some media practitioners and their outfits which made a media activist Kadaria Ahmed in her message to Nigerian media said she sensed an impending doom

The national broadcasting commission was set up to establish and disseminate a national broadcasting code and set standards with regard to the contents and quality of materials for broadcast

One of the take-aways is that, journalists will be remembered as the front liners, especially in this digital age where the internet never forgets and records are kept for posterity.

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