A human Rights activist  Mr kenechukwu Okeke  has initiated a criminal  proceedings at the FCT Chief magistrate Court  Abuja   seeking  prosecution  of  ENDSARS promoters and rioters  whose actions led to wanton  loss of lives and colossal damages  to both  public and private  properties in some parts of the country. 

The Complainant  in the affidavit  he deposed to stated that  as a responsible  citizen  of  federal  Republic  of Nigeria,, he is committed  to peace, security  and good  governance in any part of the country while promoting the rule of law., accountability,  and protecting  the socio- economic  as well as  fundamental  rights  of Nigerians.  In  the verifying affidavit  posted on his Twitter  handle,  the  Complainant  listed 28 persons as defendants. He said the rule of law ensures  permanent  justice while  protests lead to anarchy and lawlessness  resulting  in counterproductive.

Mr kenechukwu  Okeke noted that Nigeria is a country  of laws restating that he will ensure diligent prosecution  of the interest of defence,  public  safety  and  public order. The matter  not been slated for hearing.

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