President of the ECOWAS Court of Justice, Justice Edward Amoako Asante has spoken of gaps in the legal framework of the ECOWAS integration project that need to be strengthened.

Addressing the 2022 international conference of the Court in Praia, Cape Verde, Justice Asante said the community objectives have to be aligned with the pre-requisite legal architecture for attainment of the objectives.

President José Maria Neves of Cape Verde challenged the 15 member ECOWAS Community to take creative steps towards actualizing the primary goal of regional integration by addressing the peculiar challenges holding back the region from attaining this goal.
The President stressed the importance of regional integration to his country but said that its peculiarities as the only island state in the region with the smallest population and land area while vulnerable to economic and climate change challenges have to be accommodated within the regional structure.
President Neves acknowledged the importance of the ECOWAS Court to the protection of human rights within the Community but stressed the need for the creation of a legal framework to govern the relationship between National Courts and the ECOWAS Court.
About 150 Legal experts and country representatives from across the region are discussing the ECOWAS Integration Model: The Legal Implications of Regionalism, Sovereignty and Supra-nationalism, at the four day conference in Praia, Cape Verde.

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