President Muhammadu Buhari has advised political parties, candidates and security agents to behave responsibly in the forthcoming Edo State gubernatorial elections. The president in a message to all stakeholders involved in the electoral process, reiterated his stance that,

I am passionately committed to free and fair elections, but my own commitment is not enough if other actors at ground zero refuse to abide by the rules.

According to President Buhari,

I want to see democratic standards in the country raised higher at every level, but these cannot be achieved when politicians resort to do or die methods to gain power by any means or machination.

He said that

The do-or-die mentality in politics is a threat to free and fair elections because the actors are more focused on winning than caring about a fair outcome that reflects the will of the people.

The President appealed to all political parties and their candidates to behave peacefully and respect law and order. He also advised election officials and security agents to remain neutral to ensure free and fair elections and avoid any action(s) capable of compromising the integrity of the elections

President Buhari stressed that “Conducting free and fair elections is one of his main concerns for the country’s democracy, and wants this commitment to be one of the legacies he will leave behind when he leaves office.

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