The Information Managers of the All Progressives Congress (APC) after a meeting in Lagos commended President Muhammadu Buhari for resisting pressure to embark on anti-people policies.

The APC Information Managers at Federal and State Levels spoke after a meeting with the Progressives Governors Forum (PGF) in Lagos.

They thanked the President for not bowing to pressure from right wingers who are pushing for the abrogation of fuel subsidy and stoppage of Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) and borrowings for infrastructure development.

Addressing journalists on the outcome of the meeting, the Director General of Voice of Nigeria (VON), Mr. Osita Okechukwu, said the take away was the commendation for President Buhari by APC Information Managers at the Federal and State levels.

Okechukwu maintained that the proponents of these anti-people policies care less of the unintended hyper inflation which will fuel the already existing inflation in the land, an inflationary trend which kills the happiness of the citizenry by taking meals off millions of masses tables in the country.

“The little take away from the illumination of the presentations made is that the masses and middle class of this country should join us in commending Mr. President for resisting the undue pressure of the right wingers, to embark on anti-people’s policies. One can classify them as adepts of the nebulous economic policy of the IMF Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) of the 80s.”

“It will amaze you to note that the review meeting unveiled that if the PDP led federal government that pioneered the 4th Republic did not succumb to the antics of the SAP economic policy that government has no business in business; Nigeria could have escaped the ignoble tag of World Poverty Capital. And the $23 billion, 3 Greenfield Refineries meant for Lagos, Bayelsa and Kogi States in 2010 could have could have been constructed, to stop the hemorrhage on Nigerian economy consequent upon billions of dollars expended annually on fuel subsidy.”

According to the VON boss, the review meeting recounted incontrovertible evidence that despite Mr. President’s resistance, the right wingers mostly from the cadre of captains of industry are still on the prowl pushing vigorously for the removal of fuel subsidy.

He added that from “the findings of the meeting, it is advisable that we continue to support Mr. President as the right wingers are also opposed to people oriented programs like the CBN’s agricultural intervention, the Anchor Borrowers Programme and borrowing for infrastructure.” “Since it common knowledge that infrastructure is key to development, how can we lift 100 million out of poverty without infrastructure, as Buhari proclaimed?” Okechukwu quipped.

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